Most common doors for your home

Doors define spaces, provide privacy, muffle sound and add beauty and style. Interior doors are available in a wide variety of materials and designs, making it easy to match them to your home's décor. When shopping, consider countless door options, which can make the choice very complicated.

Doors come in a variety of designs that are determined primarily by their functionality. For new homeowners, this categorization can simplify things. The right door style can enhance the beauty of your home while increasing its functionality.

Dutch Doors

A frequently chosen style of exterior door for entry doors is the Dutch door. The top and bottom function separately, as they are divided in half. These are ideal for bringing air into a kitchen or as a patio entrance to let children or dogs out.

French Doors

Sleek, out-of-place French doors are a statement of intent. They are double doors with a main panel dominated by glass. The two doors can be opened simultaneously or separately and open inward. Because they provide so much additional light to rooms, French doors are often used as exterior doors. However, they are useful for creating divisions between rooms without completely enclosing the space, making the living area appear larger.

Bifold Doors

Interior doors that fold toward the user are usually lightweight doors. Because they slide open, they are often used to cover closets, utility rooms and kitchens. However, these contemporary doors with steel frames and glass panels can be excellent choices for exteriors.

Hinged Doors

Most people call them pass-through doors. These doors can be moved in and out of the room, as one end of the door is mounted on hinges. Chances are that every room in your home has hinged doors.

Sliding Doors

Exterior sliding doors are used on the side or back of the house and usually face the patio or terrace. However, these can also be found inside a house, in utility rooms or closets. They do not protrude at all, as they move on a track when pushed open.

There are other types of doors, such as pocket doors, barn doors, pivot doors, saloon doors and roller roors.